Gel or Spray: Which Hand Sanitizer is Better?

Cali Clean Labs Gel Spray Hand Sanitizer

While the COVID-19 is claiming more and more lives all over the world, we all are taking proper measurements for keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. While staying home orders are placed, people still have to go outside to the stores, gas stations etc. In order to protect ourselves from the harmful germs and bacteria like coronavirus, proper hygiene must be practiced.

Washing your hands with soap and warm water is the best thing. No wonder surgeons “scrub” their hands with soap before the operations. But when washing your hands is not an option, using hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

As a nation, we are used to having hand sanitizer readily available for purchase at any store or your local pharmacy. This is no longer the case. People are no longer able to find alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the shelves during this stressful time when they need it the most. The other option many considered is making your own hand sanitizers, but is it even harder to find the necessary components and alcohol of the correct bacteria fighting strength recommended by FDA.

Many manufacturers are now exclusively supplying hospitals and government organizations, fighting COVID-19, so the alcohol-based hand sanitizer is no longer distributed to the general public.

Luckily, our team at Cali Clean Labs were able to secure the supply of the ingredients for production of the alcohol-based advanced formula hand sanitizer. Both formulas are currently in stock and get shipped to you immediately.

While the convenience of online ordering goes without explanation, the question is which kind of hand sanitizer is better and why?

Both of our advanced formula gel and spray contain 70% alcohol which is within the recommended range by both FDA and CDC, so they are equally effective in terms of fighting the harmful bacteria and helping you to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus outbreak.

Gel hand sanitizer

Gel hand sanitizer is great for applying on your hands. Our advanced formula (green label) contains aloe vera and essential oils, which help your hands to remain moisturized and well treated as well as protected. Other hand sanitizers might cause visibly dry, itchy skin, leading to cracks and ultimately opening the doors for the bacteria to enter your body. Natural aloe vera is a well-known moisturizing ingredient in the skin care industry for nourishing your skin.

Cali Clean Labs Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer


* Many people find it easier to apply gel on hands as you can visibly control the coverage.

* It takes a little longer to evaporate, so you get more time for a better, more thorough application.

* Small children tend to like gel better.


* It is not recommended for disinfecting certain things, such as your cell phone for example, as the gel might get into small microphone and camera cavities and it might damage the device. Try using spray instead.

* Some people find the consistency of the gel hand sanitizer stickier and harder to rub in.

* Due to heavier texture, gel hand sanitizer has more concentrated initial alcohol smell which quickly goes away.






Spray Hand and Surface Sanitizer

Now let’s look at the spray benefits and uses (blue label). The main difference between the gel and spray is the range of surfaces they can be applied on. The unmatched convenience of hand and surface sanitizer spray allows you to keep your hands clean as well as many surfaces you touch during the day.

Did you know that your cell phone is, most likely, the dirtiest item you touch all day? Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. Cali Clean Labs offers Hand and Surface Sanitizer to combat the spread of germs via the use of cell phone.

Cali Clean Labs Spray Hand And Surface Sanitizer


* Easy application on hands as well as hard surfaces (baby stroller, car keys, steering wheel and handles; shopping carts, grocery bags, packaged groceries etc.)

* Make your own disinfecting wipes by using the spray as a soaking solution;

* Cleans and disinfects your smart phone surfaces and leaves the screen smudge free.


* Please try it on a small area of the hard surface first to make sure it is compatible and will not damage the surface. Anything you would not put rubbing alcohol on is not safe for the surface spray either.

If you have any questions regarding selecting the right product for you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

In conclusion, please remember that there is no substitution for a good hygiene and washing hands with soap is the best way to keep germs at bay. Hand sanitizer is your helpful buddy on the go but it is not a replacement for proper cleaning procedures.

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  1. Rosalie Johnes says:

    I prefer the gel hand sanitizer. I feel that it is easier to apply and I can see where it is going on my hands. My husband loves the spray better, because he does not like the consistency of the gel. So it really is a matter of preference. I keep both bottles in my purse: I use the spray on hard surfaces at grocery stores on the shopping carts, I sanitize the keys and to wipe off the screen of my iphone and ipads for the kids.
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