Hand sanitizers and fireworks is a recipe for disaster

Hand sanitizers and fireworks is a recipe for disaster Safety officials suggest washing hands with soap and water before handling fireworks, instead of using sanitizers Safety officials are reminding people ahead of Fourth of July celebrations that hand sanitizer and fireworks are a dangerous mix and should not be mixed together. Hand sanitizers, like ours, […]

What You Need To Know About Covid-19 Protection: Hand Sanitizers, Guidelines And Best Practices

The Covid-19 virus pandemic is almost the ONLY topic currently trending and on everyone’s mind. Depending on where you live and what the ‘political climate and restrictions’ of your state are, the basic guidelines of best practices for you and your family’s protection from this virus are relatively consistent. Let’s look at the best basic […]

Gel or Spray: Which Hand Sanitizer is Better?

Cali Clean Labs Gel Spray Hand Sanitizer

While the COVID-19 is claiming more and more lives all over the world, we all are taking proper measurements for keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. While staying home orders are placed, people still have to go outside to the stores, gas stations etc. In order to protect ourselves from the harmful germs and […]