About Cali Clean Labs

Cali Clean Labs is a fast-growing company that offers innovative hand sanitizing and conditioning products and caters to many different groups. We stay committed to providing our customers with top quality service and affordable prices. Our mission is to keep the world a better place free of unhealthy germs, viruses, and bacteria. We continue to research, develop and market products made with organic and natural ingredients such as essential oils that have a high anti-viral effect, such as tea tree oil, limonene oil, and lavender oil to name a few.

These organic-based products are designed for people who wish to keep their hands and environment around them free of biological, bacterial, fungal and viral problems with the goal of pre-cautionary management. We produce and offer products that have been tested and approved. Our company has a simple purpose of keeping you and your near and dear clean and sanitized while using our products that meet the minimum FDA requirements and allow your home, business and personal life to be free of pathogens to lessen the risk of catching any infection that may settle on your hands or surfaces you touch, such as door handles or your phone.

Our sanitizing spray is a very effective and convenient way to protect your environment from bacteria by spraying a thin layer of the liquid gel onto any surface or your hands. We pride in our reputation to provide quality products that stand apart from the competitors by adding natural essential oils that help fight the bacteria and create a safer environment for kids and adults of all ages. We employ a wide variety of experts in chemistry and skin care formulations to develop the products that our customers love. Their experience and innovative thinking allow us to create and develop products that will leave your skin healthy and moisturized with essential oils, leaving skin in perfect condition.

Frequent hand washes and use of alcohol-based sanitizers throughout the day may leave your skin dry, but our products are designed to solve that problem while keeping you clean and disinfected no matter what.